Be Our Customer
Be Our Customer

Be Our Customer

METTOP test services are available to academic institutions, government agencies and private industry. We enjoy collaborating with customers from many diverse technical arenas and look forward to working on your test program. Below is a typical procedure for acquiring METTOP services.

Basic METTOP Tasking Procedure

  1. Informal non-binding talks with customer to establish scope of work

  2. Customer provides a written request for quote (RFQ) with a statement of work (SOW)

  3. Requirements are coordinated with the METTOP director, EMRTC contracting office and EMRTC subcontractors

  4. Official quote is prepared and delivered to customer

  5. Negotiation (if required)

  6. Contract is executed

  7. Task is performed

  8. Contract closeout

Contracting Vehicles

There are a number of collaboration and contracting vehicles available for private and governmental organizations to do business with METTOP. For more information, please select the "Contact Us" page link.

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